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Exclusive Musician Spotlight: Angelina (Angie) Green

Miami, Florida - Angelina (Angie) Green is a beautiful, really talented thirteen year old singer, according to her Facebook, Angelina is not only into music, but she also shares a passion for acting, and dancing.

Angie would like to inspire all the kids that are going through hard times in life and help them to overcome obstacles using music like she did, "Music is my medicine, it has helped me through difficult times in my life. I believe all bad things are meant to make us stronger and lead us to good things in life"

Our founder/editor David Mills had the opportunity to interview Angie on her music, education and more. Read her answers to our interview below.

When did you start singing?
-I have been singing for as long as I can remember. Music became more of a focus for me after some hard times in my life, music helped me to deal with the sadness I felt at the moment.

Was it your dream to be a singer? 
-I have always been in love with music, I first started playing instruments and then I developed a very strong passion for singing, my dream is to be able to do that for the rest of my life.

Tell us about your style of singing?
-I started singing classical/lyric music and then I fell in love with musical theater. Lately, I'm doing more pop/ballads, I love it  because I'm able to reach people's heart and make them feel touched with the song, and I think that's the best part of singing.

Are there challenges pursuing a singing career and being a normal teenager?
-Yes! Many! Sometimes I have rehearsals and I have to miss parties and sleepovers with my friends but they are always very supportive, most of them also love music and theater like me. 

Do your parents and friends support you?
-My biggest supporter is my mom, she's always there for me no matter what and I know I can always count on her. Also my little brother, we all call each other the three musketeers because we always support each other.

Do you write your own songs?
If so, tell us what goes into writing a great song? 
-Yes, I write but not everybody knows about it. When I'm writing I try to think about something I can connect to. I know there will be someone who can connect to it too, because that's what makes a song so great, knowing what the song means to, and transmitting  the feeling you have inside to the people.

Where was your first performance, were you excited?
-It was a talent show in the school and I was very excited and after that every single time I perform I get really excited and I have butterflies in my stomach. But AGT was beyond anything I could ever feel. I was so overwhelmed I could barely talk.

How do you prepare your voice for a performance?
-Before a performance I warm up my voice, drink tons of water, and lots of honey with tea. 

If I went to one of your concerts, what can fans and I expect?
-I would make sure every single person has an amazing time. I would definitely make it a night to remember. You'll probably laugh, cry and go through many emotions.
One of my biggest wishes is to have a concert one day and invite my favorite artists to share my voice with the world and be an inspiration to many.

Where have you been able to perform?
-I have performed in some pretty cool places but only locally.
 I was picked by Phil and Orianne Collins to be an ambassador of the Little Dreams Foundation that is a charity that raise money to help underprivileged kids. I also do shows on my local theater Miami Children's Theater. But AGT was my biggest experience so far, nothing compares to be on that stage with the judges and that audience.

Who inspires you with your singing and songwriting?
-All the things that happened in my life inspired me so much to write and also to feel the songs when I interprete them when I'm singing. 

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and with who/ why?
I would love to perform on Broadway one day! Also to go on tour with Lady Gaga!! (My idol) And be on a show on broadway with Kristin Chenoweth, Sutton Foster or Sierra Boggess (my musical theater inspirations).

How did it feel to get the golden buzzer on America's Got Talent?
-It feel so unreal and I still can't believe it! Not in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that something like this could ever happen to me. I'm filled with joy and gratitude to AGT and especially Heidi for giving me her golden buzzer and believing in me. I'm working really hard for the live shows so everybody at AGT who believes in me can feel proud. 

What do you hope to accomplish with your singing/songwriting?
I want people to love my music and enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy singing it. I want to be able to live my life doing what I love the most, which is singing for the rest of my life and I know its hard but I can't see myself doing anything else.

What three words best describe you and your music?
-I would say....genuine, heartfelt and inspiring. My mom says I'm very energetic, compassionate and humble.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to start a career in singing and songwriting?
-My advice will be to never give up on your dreams, it doesn't matter the age or circumstances everything is possible if we believe. Have the courage to pursue whatever it is you want in your life, just believe in yourself, stay focus and work hard to accomplish them! 

Do you have any other talents?
-I became very enthusiastic in musical theater I love acting and dancing as well. I hope one day I can be on a Broadway show.

Are you passionate about any charities, if so, why?
-Yes, very passionate, I went through a really tough moment and I know how scary it can be, that's why I love helping others specially families and kids that are going through hard times in life. I always sing in different charity events to help raise money for kids like me.
Also, I know how important music can be in their life's  and I'm passionate about helping people thorough music and being an inspiration.

Is education important to you?
-Very important, education is everything, is our future, the future of the world.

We want to say thank you to Angie Green for answering our interview questions. Can't wait to see where her music takes her.

You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here.

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